Mobile App
Made For:
Rubaiyat, L.L.C.
March - April 2021
Mobile App Concept / / March 2021
For 40 years Rubaiyat remains at the forefront of
the most renowned international luxury fashion,
home and jewelry brands in Saudi Arabia.
This time we decided to take a shot at the world
of eCommerce and create the design of Rubaiyat
App. Our goal was to come up with simple yet
smooth user experience.

Project overvew

the great strength of Rubaiyat lies in the promise of an unparalleled
shopping experience making it Arabia’s luxury destination, featuring
the world’s most distinguished brands and partners, offering global
hyped trends, new fashion standards, limited edition products.
We set ourslves a daring challenge to design the initial app and
reinvent the whole user experience for Rubaiyar customers.
Reconsidered user experience, improved design and design assets
ready for the build.
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Designers Roles
User Experience
User Interface
Score of Work
We approach each project individually so that it's possible to arrange
the development process according to the actual goals.
Learn & Analysis
Context study
User pain points
Competitive audit
Problem statement
User research
Information Architecture
Low fidelity wireframes
User flow
Design principles
High fidelity wireframes
Iteractive prototypes
Field testing
Stakeholder review
Designer critiques
Following our research, we categorized features based on the user stories insights
and prepared a detailed plan to guide us in the design process.


  • Log In / Sign Up and Checkout quick and simple
  • Simple and intuitive search
  • Important

  • Consistent navigation with minimum steps
  • Interesting

  • Add product to Favorite or Wish list
  • Personalization
  • Interaction
  • Audience:





    25 - 45 years old

    Online Experience:

    5 years

    Provisional Personas
    User Personas are your Target Audience for whom we are making the Product so in the research
    phase. I also created Persons to Create a Better Experience for user.
    Lina Al-Fasih
    Age: 30-34 years
    Profession: Account Manager
    Lina loves shopping for clothes, bags and shoes. She has a very good
    vision of style. Can combine different styles in clothing. Sometimes she
    helps her friend sto find what they needs and gives recommendations.

    Need to find best and valuable products easily.

    Find a big discounts and a good offers from a top brands.

    Need a good way to see and track all her orders.


    Difficulty in searching for products ( bad categories, lack of filter)

    Time consuming

    Mustafa Badawi
    Age: 33-38 years
    Profession: Doctor
    Mustafa likes modern beautiful clothes. Follow the release of new
    collections of several favorite brands . Buys clothes for himself and his wife
    He is a very busy on his work, that’s why he doesn't have much time to go
    to market for buying clothes. He shops online because of its convenience
    and to give a surprise for wife.

    Need stylish and modern clothes.

    Latest and trending clothes products.

    Need a platform with user friendly interface to use.


    Need a platform with user friendly interface to use.

    Time consuming

    Navigating throught a jumbled and clustered interface with no

    User Flow
    With a custom flowchart, wireframes and conduct
    user testing sessions, we come up with a convenient
    solution for clients.
    Design rubaiyat App
    Eventually, we have got the product version ready
    for the final round of testing. Check out the main
    functionality highlights of the product below.
    01 / Homepage
    MINimalistic Design
    The whole idea of the application was based around
    creating a seamless user expperience. That’s why
    desided to proceed with a minimalistic design to
    provide both intuitive novigation and a convenient
    display of the products.
    02 / Catalogue
    Simple NAvigation
    Modern apps are all about convenience. with that
    idea in mind, we made the search and filter tabs
    easy to access from any section of the store.
    03 / Shopping Cart & Checkout
    Quick Checkout
    We made the cart and checkout pages filled with
    just the necessary information to avoid confusion
    when shopping.
    04 / Product page
    FOCUS on the visual
    As morern customers prefer visually appealing
    imagery, the product gallery contains large pictures,
    with extra clickable photos. To provide a detailed
    look at a product, we added a full-screen zom.
    The product page provides easy access to users who
    need to make a purchasing decision - from images,
    priced, sizing to a product’s description.

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