Desktop / Mobile / August 2021

As the beginning of the founding of the first branches of the group, from which the group set out to expand its activities and activities in the field of pharmaceutical service, medicines, cosmetics and child care until the number of branches reached 40 branches in Riyadh and the group is constantly growing, God willing

This time we decided to take a shot at the world of eCommerce and create the design of Orange. Our goal was to come up with simple yet smooth user experience.

    • Service:
    • Desktop/Mobile
    • Made for:
    • Orange Pharmacy
    • Date:
    • August - September 2021
  • Designers Roles
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Process
  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Wireframing
  • Design
  • Feedback
Project stages

It was User- centered design process, focused on the users and their needs in each phase of the design proess. In the process we involved the
users throughout with variety of research and design techniques, so that we can make an really useful and usable product for them.

User pain points

The UX pain points relate to finding the correct data object where the search engine results are either too restricted, producing limited or incomplete information.

Competitive audit

Analyze the market for the presence of existing products,and get a further understanding as to what users might expect and how Fresh Market could improve that experience.

User research

Learning and understanding the context of problems faced by the clients will give insight what possible outcomes there are for the design.


After user research and analysis, user attitudes and behoviors were assessed which are explained by empathy map and persona. persona may help to infer what a real person might need.

User flow

User flows are a great method for segmenting and defining your user experience. Thay allow you to track what screens users typically see when they interact with a product and haw they interact with those screens.

Low fidelity paper sketches

The paper sketches is a necessary part of the design process because it helps convey the information architecture and user flow of an app in a simple way.

Wireframes & UI Iterations

With a solid basis of UX findings, the visual part of the app was designed, such as brand style, UI elements, moodboards, pixel-perfect mockups & design system.

Design principles

There are twelve basic principles of design:
contrast, balance, emphasis, proportion, hierarchy, repetition, rhythm, pattern, white space,
movement, variety, and unity. These principles work together to create visually appealing and functional designs that make sense to users.

Score of Work

We approach each project individually so that it's possible to arrange
the development process according to the actual goals.

User Flow

A User flow is a visual representation, either written out or made digitally,
of the many evenues that can be taken when using website.

Typography &
Color pallete

Typeface family, sizes, weights, and colors.


User Personas are your Target Audience for whom we are making the Product so in the Research phase.
I also created Persons to Create a Better Experience for user.

Lina Al-Fasih

Age: 24-28 years

Profession: Art designer

” I want to have more time to be with my family. I need to buy medicines and other healthcare products for my children, husband and for my parents. I go to medicine shops every week or 2 times per a month. “

Djamila is working as a teacher. She is a mon who works full time with 2 children.

Health and wellness product categories are interested for Djamila:

  • - weight management and diet products;
  • - vitamins, minerals and other supplements;
  • - diabetes medications;
  • - heart & hypertension medications;
  • - beauty products.
Mustafa Badawi

Age: 22 - 38 years

Profession: Doctor

”I need to make the shopping process faster and easier, because I need more time for my working process. Very offten I can't buy medcines in pharmacy by myself and bring them to my parents because in this time I can be in the business trip. “

Salman is working as a manager. He has a big family: wife, children, parents. Regulary he buys medicines for himself and for his parents illnesses. Salman buys drugs from pharmacies and drug stores, and don't have enought time to go to these stores. However, all medicines aren't be found at the right time at one store.

Health and wellness product categories are interested for Salman:

  • - vitamins, minerals and other supplements;
  • - diabetes medications;
  • - heart & hypertension medications;
  • - healthy alternatives, particularly snacks and beverages.

Desktop - Mobile

Design Orange Project

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