The Product

Bone is an order app for Bone coffee shop in UAE, aiming to facilitate delivery of drinks in a quick and convenient way.

Bone targets customers such as busy officer worker and young people who need a quick drink but do not have time to make themselves one.

Project duration

August 2021 to Octorber 2021

The Problem

Office workers and young people who do not have time to prepare drinks. They also need to be able to order in large quantities easily.

The Role

UX designer designing an app for Bone from conception to delivery

The Goal

Design an app for Bone that allows users to easily order, with scheduled delivery and group order functions.


Conducting interviews, paper and digital wireframing prototyping, conducting usability studies, accounting for accessibility, án iterrating on designs.

Empathy map


“I want a clear trackung of my order. I got a number when waiting but that annoyed me. I didn’t know what people were doing with my order”

“I don’t have time to wait in line, I prefer getting a coffee before going to work”.

“A large orders I place for my client and colleagues are sometimes incorrect”


Order for colleagues is a way to connect with people. A quick pre order in the morning helps me save time for my children

People want diferent customization it’s hard to follow their order


Wait in line every morning in a local coffee shop

Collect order from colleague

Has difficilty collectiong orders from different people


Frustrated when waiting

Nervous about the time to get to work

Confused when collect order


Sara Ali
Age 35
Education Law degree
Hometown Ho chi minh, Vietnam
Family Married
Occupation Lawyer

I am a busy woman in the morning who needs a quick scheduled and easy group order because her colleagues wants different drinks with customization


To give the best care for their children

To become more sociable and get promotion

To Balance between advocating for their clients and taking care of their family

To getting a convenient day schedule with minimalized activities


“I rarely have a breakfast. I want to have a simple booking and notify me when i take my time for my children. Don’t want to open my phone continuously to check.”
I don’t have time to wait in line, I prefer getting a coffee before going to work”

A large order colleagues are sometimes incorrect

user flow

Add multiple drinks in an order, check out and go to tracking steps

Typography - Color pallete

icons - compoMent